Choose from an intimate conventional booth or the excitement of an open air booth and still have the fantastic quality that AJ's Photography is known for. Our 4 hour package includes unlimited color, black and white or sepia pictures and featuring large 2x8 triple strips (an area exclusive), the advantage of a triple strip is 2 copies of the photo strip are for your guests and 1 copy is for the bride and groom's deluxe scrapbook.

We cannot over emphasize the need for you to be careful when looking for a photo booth and comparing pricing and quality. There are many companies out there renting "Photo Booths" for around $500 or even less, and it's important to wonder, why such a low rate in comparison to other companies? The answer really is quite get what you pay for. Many so called photo booths are home made, plastic piping and curtains, wooden boxes with a laptop and operators physically cutting strips. A lot of time and careful consideration went into choosing our photo booth to make sure it was the perfect Photo Booth for all occasions. Our booth is professionally constructed with the finest printer available, prints triple perforated 2x8 Photo Strips and the conventional booth takes up around 5 square feet.

We believe in no games, gimmicks or hidden fees. Our all inclusive photo booth package is $950. Call 315-732-8471 or e-mail for complete details.

AJ's Photography wedding photo booth pictures
AJ's Photography wedding photo booth backgrounds

Backgrounds 1-10 can be used with open air & conventional booth. Backgrounds 11-18 can be used with conventional booth only



“AJs was amazing with both our pictures and video! Better than we imagined. Absolutely beautiful we were so happy with everything. We highly recommend them for your next event!!”